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Amila Salgado got hooked on birds at the age of thirteen in 1989 after a school project in St Peter’s College, Colombo and made his first trip to Sinharaja the following year. Soon, he joined YZA, a local nature club, which was the beginning of the road to turn him into an all-round naturalist. Amila is a certified ‘national-guide’ under Sri Lanka Tourist Board and can guide in all tourist sites in Sri Lanka including the cultural triangle.

Amila's cache of field equipments include Swarovski ATX 95mm telescope with 30-70 x zoom and Swarovski EL 8.5 x 42 Swarovision binoculars, and a backup , Swarovski ATM 80HD ...

Endemic Birds

Sri Lanka Small Barbet Megalaima Rubricapillus

This has made a re-entry to the elite endemic club following Rasmussen and Anderton (2005), after having a few issues over its membership previously!

Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill Ocyceros Gingalensis

This is the only grey hornbill found in Sri Lanka, which makes its identification easy as A.B.C. It has no casque on the bill.

Serendib Scops Owl Otus Thilohoffmanni

Discovered in 2001 by Deepal Warakogoda, the country’s foremost ornithologist, and formally described by Warakogoda and Rasmussen in 2004, ...

Sri Lanka The pearl of the indian ocean.

Sri Lanka is a pear-shaped continental island situated below the southern tip of India. It has a land area of 65,610 and is separated from the Indian peninsula by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait, just 32 km at the narrowest point. Lying in the Indian continental shelf, the ocean depth between India and Sri Lanka is quite shallow and during much of the geological history it has been connected to India.

Sri Lanka lies north of the equator and its exact geographical location is between 5’’ 55’ & 9’’ 50’...

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