Birdwing Nature Holidays specializes in guided birding & natural history tours in Sri Lanka guided mainly by, Amila Salgado. An avid birder and a naturalist, I got hooked on birds in 1989 when I was thirteen. I am a certified ‘national-guide’ under Sri Lanka Tourist Board since 2004 and can guide in all tourist sites in Sri Lanka including the cultural triangle.

I carry a Swarovski ATX 95mm telescope with 30-70 x zoom and Swarovski EL 8.5 x 42 Swarovision binoculars and all other field tools.

My 14-day Absolute Birding is good for keen bird watchers, as it mainly focuses on birds. I use a wide range of accommodations on this tour, all of which are located closer to the birding sites. This tour is also ideal for birders with broader natural history interests, as we visit some of the prime wilderness areas of Sri Lanka. So, if you want to bag 220-250 species of birds including all 33 endemics, 10 or so of the 15 resident night birds, a mouth watering array of Indian sub continental specials such as Kashmir Flycatcher, and amazing wildlife such as the Leopard.

The same tour can be modified to include Cetaceans and culture.  All these holidays can be tailor-made to fit your preferences. In addition to these tours, I have the expertise of guiding specialist tours focusing on Leopards, photography, butterflies, dragonflies, Buddhism, Sri Lankan history and Sri culture. For my other wildlife tour reports from the past, please visit my blog:

In most nature tour companies, your first point of contact doesn’t know a myna from a bulbul.  Often they are not able to understand the birding jargon and sentiments of our tribe.  That’s not the case with Birdwing Nature Holidays, as I will not only reply your enquiries promptly but will also walk the talk. To plan your holiday, e-mail me on or WhatsApp me on 0094-777-591155.

I look forward to opening the door to this magical island of serendipity!

Amila Salgado

BIRDWING Nature Holidays.


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